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My Story


A little about me. 

I’m a 27-year-old chef by trade, born and raised in in the naval city Portsmouth and I love being creative with my camera!

My photography journey started in November 2013, when I was involved in a serious motorbike accident, inevitably I was unable to work while I was on the mend.

I severely broke the head of my humorous and was told many times by my doctors and physiotherapists that my shoulder would never be the same again and it would take years to heal.
After having reconstructive surgery, nearly losing my shoulder completely to a titanium ball, losing all movement and strength I needed something to pass the time while I was on the mend.

So I started doing a little urban exploring with some friends, this was tough with little to no movement in my arm.

Exploring abandoned buildings was fun, the adrenaline rush gave me a real buzz!
But I also fell in love with the landscapes that I saw from the top of abandoned buildings.

Equipped with just my iPhone I tried to take photos, but I couldn’t produce what I wanted, so I soon upgraded to a cheap bridge camera to try to make better images, but that still wasn’t enough, because it had very limited functions, so I upgraded again to my first DSLR, A Nikon D3200!

As soon as I upgraded to the D3200, I put it straight into manual and experimented with its settings, I soon learnt how the functions and photography worked.
I tried out different types of photography from light painting to wildlife, but have always been attracted to urban decay and landscapes.

 Since then, photography has always been an escape, a way to relax and have fun while being creative!

I hope you enjoy my images, as much as I enjoy creating them.

Connor Hicks


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